Benefits of Renting Trade Show Displays in Roanoke VA

Benefits of Renting Trade Show Displays in Roanoke VAEvery company is well aware of the importance for effective marketing. Whether a new product is being launched or existing merchandise is being promoted, careful attention needs to be paid to the budget. When it comes to choosing between a trade show booth rental in Roanoke VA or simply buying one there are some things to consider. Keeping in mind that a permanent booth has its own advantages, it does fall short of numerous key marketing elements in comparison to renting. In the end the company has to choose what is best for business in terms of trade show displays.

Cost of Ownership and Maintenance

This is where renting takes the real advantage because it allows the company to experiment and test-drive different kinds of booths before making it permanent. In addition the company will still be able to utilize the best designs available at just a fraction of the cost. Investing in a permanent booth takes a lot of consideration towards serving a multitude of purposes which might not always work. In addition rentals give the peace of mind that if something might happen which result in damage to the booth the company won’t be responsible for repairs.

Variety, Technology and Storage

Once a company invests in a display booth then it means sticking with one design, whereas renting allows a different style every time. In other words a company can use a different approach at every trade show without having to spend loads of money. Along with endless options for every event, it can become more innovative. Technology is a wonderful thing and it changes almost every week, therefore renting can play a crucial role in using the latest available electronics. Last but not least, storage between shows is always a hassle for those who own a booth, another problem solved by renting.

To create the perfect tabletop trade show display is quite easy when the layout is good. First you need to choose the right display to suit the event. There are multiple tabletop displays available, for instance modular with high impact graphics or the tri-fold style display that is used in most small events. Most importantly make sure it is cost effective and easy to transport.

Make sufficient time to assemble the correct illustration for the event, because one only has three seconds to impress a potential client.

Most tabletop trade show displays feature large images that relate to the entire message. Insure that the font is people friendly and states your point.

Remember color matching is very important because it can make or break a project. Utilize images that are accompanied by a logo and tag lines to state the advert clearly. Artsy fonts are not a good idea as it is distracting and embarrassing. Remove unnecessary text that ends up taking space. Try getting a printed table cover it adds focus to the logo and tag lines.

Make use of a lightweight retractable banner or price wheel to draw attention to the display. Nevertheless, a few lights facing upwards gives a true and inviting atmosphere which can be eye catching for people.


In essence the benefits of a trade show booth rental in Roanoke VA outweighs owning one, but there is nothing wrong with buying a permanent platform for exhibitions. Ultimately the point is to expose the company in the best way possible at the lowest cost. In light of keeping up with different trends and new designs it just makes more sense to rent.

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